December 08 FTB entries 2

 Lily the latest entry by Miss Ciara Hughes.
 Derek I think is a good name for this one Emily.

 Peggy has superb ears, by Emily Burford.
 Hot off the press, Emily Burford in the 11-14 category has produced this beautiful entry called Patch. The contest is on....
Another contender Millie by Ciara in the 11-14 category. Check out those big ears !!

 Ethan in the 10 and under category has created the spectacular Kooky.

 An excellent  whimsical FTB entry from Emily Burford.
 I can't believe it 5 fantastic entries and its only the 3rd of December, Fred Jr has a look of real mischief about him, entry number 2 from Ethan Hughes.
 Wow, Baxter looks like he's had a lot of adventures already. Thanks Ethan for your 3rd Entry.
 A very sweet and seasonal entry from Miss Emily Burford.
 Wow, they just keep coming, fabulous grumpy Patrick by Ethan.
 A very hip entry by Miss Ciara Hughes.
 Rosemary I am told was inspired by a pair of curtains. She looks a little sad. The entry is by Emily Burford.
 Also by Emily, the psychedelic Olive, I love the colours.
 Ethan has created the very cheerful blue boy who came with  a poem.