Where's Phillip?

Phillip is attempting to go around the world in Eighty Days. He started his journey on Jan 5th in Huntington Beach, CA and is now on his way to London. I'll post pictures as I get them and keep track of the countries he's been to.

What follows is taken from the passport which accompanies Phillip.

Phillip has got his own site follow the link for more Phillip tales.

Step 1: take phillip to a country he’s never been to
Step 2: take a picture of phillip (and yourself if you like) in this country
Step 3: fill in your details in the passport
Step 4: email me your pictures to
Step 5: say goodbye to phillip, pat yourself on the back for a job well done and pass phillip along with his
passport to someone new.

About the Challenge
The aim of this project is to get Philip to as many countries as possible in Eighty days so beginning Jan 5th  2009 his travels will end on March 25th 2009

The Furry Travel Buddies are a group of handmade monsters that I have created and who collectively have been travelling with their owners for the last year. Check out the website and blog to see their adventures so far.

I would like to see as many people as possible participate in this art project. All you need is a camera to record Philip’s visit to a new country.
This passport will serve as a record to document where he has already been. Simply fill in your name, date and country on the passport and email me your pictures.

Please tell your friends about the project and entrust Phillip to safe hands when you pass him on.

In return you will have my sincere thanks, acknowledgement of your participation published in my blog as well as your photos, and I’ll be sending out some handcrafted prizes at the end of the challenge for the best photos.

If you have Phillip on March 25th he will need to be sent back to the US  via regular mail to complete his journey. (Details are in the passport or email me for more info)

 Phillip leaves Huntington Beach, USA on Jan 5th
Phillip arrives in London, England and is taken in by Angelina Lew.
 Phillip and Angelina enjoy a weekend skiing in France.