Where are they now ?

Welcome to the lost furry travel buddies gallery. Its a sad place but unfortunately some of the FTB's have fallen off the radar so to speak. In a bid to find their owners I am going to post where they were last seen and hope that someone recognizes the FTB and brings good news. Email me at coolcrafter@gmail.com if you have any photo evidence.
Last seen in Los Angeles with a lady who was going to give him to her daughter and son in law
George last seen with a nice young man called Matt and his dog in Sunset Beach
 Donald, I've no idea where he is.
Earl Jr last seen with an artist at the art and craft fair in downtown LA.
Last seen being pocketed by a puppet maker who worked at a museum in LA. Have you seen him ?
Martha was last seen with Debbie in Sunset Beach. I believe she was on her way to England.
Where's Olive, I lost Olive shortly after these photos were taken. I think my dog Sanford took her. I hope she turns up as she was a favourite.
Lemonhead as she was affectionately known was purchased in LA and is with the white one top left whose name I will have to look up.