Coming soon pictures to join the description.. How does a Furry travel buddy come to be ? From drawing board to finished product I will be taking you through the process.

It begins with an idea which is translated into a sketch. I usually like to use a black gel pen as I like the sharp lines. In the back of my mind I'm thinking about what has been successful in the past. Make a neck too small and when it comes to stuffing, suffice to say it takes a long long time. So I draw lots and lots of shapes, I might look through magazines for inspiration or if I've been on a walk I might pick up a rock or shell that I think would make a good shape.


Then its time for the fun stuff the face. I have a big tin of buttons that I've collected so I think does the FTB need small eyes or big eyes, or one small and one big eye? Decisions,decisions and what about the lines on his face, funny eyebrows, big mouth and teeth ? Once I've decided on that I move on to part 3.


I use old magazines or newspaper and draw out my FTB shape onto the paper and then cut it out. I then decide what colour fabric I want to use and fold this in half and using pins attach the paper template to the fabric. Using very sharp scissors I cut out the shape leaving about a 1/2 cm border for the seam allowance.


Next its onto the sewing machine, I choose an appropriate coloured thread and thread the machine. Using a variety of stitches I draw/sew the face onto the monster. I then tie the loose threads together. I then pin both pieces of fabric together inside out and sew around the edge with my 1/2 cm border. I leave a gap as I will need to turn the fabric inside out and stuff the Furry Travel Buddy.


I turn the FTB inside out and then start stuffing him/her with polyfill till its nice and firm. I then sew up the gap. Lastly its time for the buttons which are a very important part and voila you have a Furry Travel Buddy.