Active FTB's

This is where I showcase some of the active furry travel buddies and where they have been using photos that have been sent to me. If you have any info on your furry travel buddy and their likes and dislikes, email me a description and I will post it here. As there are quite a few FTB's it may take me a while but fear not your FTB will appear here.

 Clarence one of the earliest FTB travellers belongs to Kerry. He's been to Dallas, Reno, San Clemente and Louisiana to name a few places.
 Ethel is based in Bath, England and belongs to Ciara. She has been to Spain and Paris. She has a lot of adventures and is a fashion designer. She seems to get herself into trouble with her inquisitiveness but has managed to remain blemish free.
 Stanley is a recent addition. He belongs to Tammaan and is based in London. He likes to crochet and knit. He can be naughty when no one's watching so don't leave your chocolates unattended.
 Wilbur belongs to Will and spends his days travelling around in a 1961 VW bug. He loves driving to the beach and sun tanning.
 Julius has been travelling around the UK in a VW van (a newish reliable one)practising his surfing skills. Clearly a regular judging by his stance.
 Constance is quite the lady, amongst other things she likes getting her hair done.So keen is her devotion to hair products that she landed in a spot of bother on her visit to Ireland. France and Wales have also been visited.
 Brenda has a keen eye for design and currently shares a room with Constance. She shook things up a bit when she arrived in the UK but has since settled in. They both belong to Emily.
 Wally belongs to Sophie and is a mischievous fellow. He has been to France and Spain. He has his own house and lots of friends and most notably helped to rehabilitate Fairy Bear.
 Herman the German belongs to Sophy and had a fabulous holiday in Germany hence the name.
 Burt belongs to Melody and resides in Irvine, Ca. He likes the sunny weather and is not too naughty as he is very easy to see due to his almost neon brightness.