Welcome to the home of the Furry Travel Buddies. If you've arrived here by accident you're probably wondering what is this all about ? Well about a year ago I had the urge to make some monsters so I did and then I thought it would be fun if people bought them and took them on vacation. 8 months on and the Furry Travel Buddy global revolution is well underway and growing as you will see from the blog. So whether or not you decide to give an FTB a home or just enjoy the stories and the pictures that have been mailed in either way, I'm happy.

So have a great day and visit us again.

Check out the latest poems by our Resident Poet page and follow the adventures of Phillip the globe trotting FTB.

I value your feedback, so thank to all who have completed the survey for those that haven't its pretty quick so please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.
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